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Note: Please ensure that the number of guests booked is accurate.

Additional charges of RM200 will apply per guest & per night for uninformed guest.


What is the starting rate / minimum price?

Our starting rate is for 1-8 Adults. Our starting rates varies accordingly, depending on Weekdays, Weekends, Eve/Public/School Holidays etc. It is advisable to check the rate of your selected dates on our website.


How are the rates calculated and the rooms allocation?​

Our rates are based on number of guests. The minimum rate starts from 1-8 Adults, with additional charges for Adult @ RM100/person/night & Children aged 6 years and below @ RM30/person/night.

​Rooms provided will be based on number of adults booked while children will sleep based on bed sharing basis with adults. We have 8 bedrooms with a double bed in each room respectively. The rooms allocation will be as follow:

8 Adults        = 4 Rooms

9-10 Adults   = 5 Rooms

11-12 Adults = 6 Rooms

13-14 Adults = 7 Rooms

15-16 Adults = 8 Rooms

17 Adults      = 8 Rooms + 1 Single Floor Bed

18 Adults      = 8 Rooms + 2 Single Floor Beds

19 Adults      = 8 Rooms + 3 Single Floor Beds

20 Adults      = 8 Rooms + 4 Single Floor Beds


What are the charges for children aged 7 years & above?

They will be charged as Adults.


If we have more than 20 Adults, what is the price?

The maximum we will charge per night is for 20 Adults and 10 Children. If you have more than 20 Adults, the additional adults will be charged as Children @ RM30/person/night. Anyhow, the maximum occupancy will still remain as 30 Guests including Children.


If we have more than 10 Children, what is the price?

The maximum we will charge per night is for 20 Adults and 10 Children. If you have more than 10 Children, the additional children will be charged as Adults @ RM100/person/night. Anyhow, the maximum occupancy will still remain as 30 Guests including Children.


Can I book if I have more than 30 guests?

The maximum allowance is STRICTLY 30 GUESTS ONLY INCLUDING CHILDREN. It is non-negotiable as our holiday home promises to ensure a comfortable stay for our guests.


If I have less than 16 Adults, will I be sharing the holiday home with other guests?

There will be no sharing with other guests. The remaining rooms will be locked while you & your guests can still enjoy the whole house to yourselves!


Can I book for the whole house if I have 2 Guests?

Yes, but you will have to pay for our minimum price for 1-8 Adults. Similarly, there will be no sharing with other guests. Rooms will be provided accordingly and the remaining rooms will be locked while you & your guest can still enjoy the whole house to yourselves!


What is the check in & check out time? Can I check in earlier/Can I check out later?

Check In time is 3pm and check out time is 12pm. 

For checking in, it is advisable not to arrive too early at the property as our main gate will only be opened at 3pm. During check out, our helpers will be at the holiday home at 12pm to assist in the check out procedure. 


Do I have to register upon arrival & will the number of guests be counted?

Yes. Our helpers will be there to assist in checking in. The Check In Instructions will be emailed automatically 24 hours before your arrival date.


Do I have to pay for any fees during check in?

Yes, a deposit of RM300 cash is required. It will be returned accordingly to guest after check out & inspection by out helpers. In any case of damage/breakage to the building, facilities, furniture, furnishing, fittings, trees, plants and loss of keys and items in the holiday home, the charges will be deducted from the deposit as Loss/Damage Fees.


Can I visit the holiday home before I decide to book?

We do not allow that. We have plenty of photos and videos on our website and social media platforms to help you get the idea of our holiday home!


Facebook: The Cedar at Bidor

Instagram: @thecedarbidor   


Where is your location & how is the drive there?

You may search for our exact location on Google Maps 'The Cedar Bidor'. It's an easy drive there, just follow the direction provided by Google Maps!


How far is the holiday home from Bidor Town and the main road?

The holiday home is about 3km from Bidor Town and about 700m from the main road, Jalan Paku. 


Are there parking spaces available?

We have parking spaces right in front of the holiday home at the front porch, which can fit about 12 cars. Please do not park on our grass/garden area and help keep the environment as beautiful as it is!


Can I bring friends who are not staying the night?

We do not allow day guests and are very strict with this.


Can I throw a party?

You're most welcome to have a simple party with your checked in guests. However, we do not tolerate loud parties or immoral behaviors/activities, and alcohol is STRICTLY not allowed.


Will there be anyone else at the property with us? 

Our helpers live on the same property in a separate house down the hill. They will be there 24 hours to provide assistance and to guard the main gate. 


Are meals/catering services provided? 

No, we do not provide any meals/catering services. Guests are to bring their own food for barbecue or to cook in our kitchen. However, we have contacts with many caterers around the area which we can recommend to you.


Can we cook in the holiday home?

Yes, we have a dry kitchen & a wet kitchen equipped with cooking stove, cooking pot & pan, cooking utensils, eating/serving utensils & tableware for your convenience. However, we do not provide any cooking ingredients. Guests are to bring their own food/ingredients. Other kitchen appliances that our holiday home provides includes a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, rice cooker, kettle and a sandwich-maker. 


Do we have to bring our own drinking water?

No, we have a water dispenser in the holiday home for your convenience.


Any kitchen rules?

Strictly NO PORK ALLOWED in the kitchen.


Can we have BBQ?

Yes, we have a BBQ Area specially designed for our guests! Just bring your own food/ingredients while we provide the BBQ pit & equipment at no charge. You may request charcoal from our helpers and they will help prepare accordingly.


Can we have steamboat?

Yes, but you must bring your own food, steamboat pot and extension wire if you are using electrical pot. We have an outdoor dining area where you can enjoy it there!


How deep is the infinity edge swimming pool? Are there any lifeguards?

The infinity edge swimming pool is 4ft deep. There are no lifeguards on duty. Please swim at your own risk.


Where is the River and can we go there?

The River is right next to our holiday home. You may walk there but you'll need to ask our helper to unlock the gate if you would like to access to the River. 


How far is the Gepai Waterfall from the holiday home? Can we walk there?

We advise driving there which takes about 7 minutes.


Are there mosquitoes or other insects?

Mosquitoes and other insects are part of nature and they exist. You are advised to bring your own repellents. 


Do you provide Wifi?

No, we don't, as there are very limited access due to nature and location of surrounding. We highly encourage you to connect with yourself or the people you came with to enjoy the holiday home to the fullest!


Is mobile phone service available at the holiday home?



Is The Cedar At Bidor Holiday Home pet friendly?

No, we strictly do not allow pets.


Do you provide baby cot?

No, we do not provide baby cot.


Is this place wheelchair friendly?

No, we do not have wheelchair facilities.


How much is the booking fee? Can I pay by installment / Can I pay during check in ?

Unfortunately, we do not accept payment via installment or pay during check in. We require FULL PAYMENT OF 100% to book a stay in our holiday home & to lock dates. Please refer to our Deposit Policy here


Can we change the date after we have booked for the holiday home?

Please refer to our Change Of Date Policy here.


Can we cancel the booking after confirmation? Can we have refund?

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy here.


Can I have special events here such as wedding, photoshoot, filming etc?

Yes, you can contact us via email/whatsapp and let us know the purpose/usage of your booking.


How do I contact you?

We're available from Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm). After 5pm or Saturday/Sunday, feel free to leave us a message & we'll reply as soon as we can!

You can contact us via:


Book directly with us for best rates 

No hidden charges

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